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Why Jungle Lore birding Lodge?

Your Take Away - Jungle Lore Birding Lodge

The town of Pangot, a world-famous birding site
Trekking in the Kilbury forest will make one adore mother nature more & more
The Himalayas, God’s most beautiful gift to us and it is worth watching from an entirely different angle
Every bird has its own call; the more one concentrates, the more one hears a beautiful symphony going on
Spending time alone in the quiet hideout is the best way to know one’s inner self Volunteering to zero waste drive in Pangot is one of the ways to contribute to nature’s conversation
The unique flora & fauna make it an interesting space to commence a wildlife research Sometimes staying close to nature, trekking in the Himalayas gives a perspective on life

The Jungle Lore Birding Lodge

Those who love nature and birds, Jungle Lore Bird lodge could be an unwinding place for them. The lodge in Pangot is set amidst a beautiful set up of Oak trees with picturesque scenery of mountains behind. Ideal for the true appreciator of nature and its diversity.


Welcome to Birdwatching in India

Who does not like watching colorful birds chirping and resting in their natural habitat? Well, we know that you like watching these colorful birds, hence, we at Jungle Lore offers you exciting bird watching experiences. Our Uttarakhand tour packages are well-designed itineraries that include bird watching holidays throughout the North Indian regions as well as extensions to the Indian Subcontinent.

Our packages are not just any Bird Watching Tour in India; Our tours are customized with expert guides, serene locations, birding hotspots, cozy birding lodges and forest lodges, farm-fresh Indian meals.

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