Like your pet, the birds of Pangot will be a great stress buster


Support environmentally-friendly, conservation-oriented, responsible and sustainable practices


For far too long has tourism been associated with irresponsibility and unsavoury crowds. At Asian Adventures, we have long sought to end this association by instead adopting environmentally-friendly, conservation-oriented, responsible and sustainable practices.

With this mission in mind, we are happy to announce our association with CGVS Corbett Gram Vikas Samiti which offers nature guide services, heritage walks, bird watching, home-stays, and folk dance & music programs by its members as part of its community-based tourism programme. Asian Adventures would like to introduce in Pangot The  TGV Escape in the birdwatching hotspot of Pangot. With cottages and mud houses overlooking the Naina Devi range, this Escape lives up to its name, and offers a break from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Apart from birdwatching in Pangot, you now have the opportunity to support local village tourism. And with the delicious Bakri Chhap Special Kumaoni Thali, made up of delicious, organic, local Kumaoni food, on offer, who could resist?

Jungle Lore Birding Lodge is the finest birding lodge in Pangot which is also one of the oldest birding lodges in the country. The lodge also specialises in taking trekking excursions to some of the most rewarding nature trails in the region. The trek to Cheena Peak via Kilbury is one of the best treks in the region. The wind whispers against your face and the forest path opens up before you. Rustling of leaves in the trees, the smell of grass, the warmth of Sun’s rays and the chirping of birds make you feel one with the nature. If birding, trekking and photography are your interests, this place is your best bet.

12 Oct 2018


Cheer Pheasant, one of the rarest birds of the North, spotted at Jungle Lore Birding Lodge, one of India’s oldest and finest birding lodges. A plenty of rare and endemic Himalayan birds congregate at the lodge and provide ample opportunities for photography. There are a plethora of activities besides birding, such as nature walks, culinary workshops, treks to Cheena Peak via Kilbury, Village Visits and excursions to Corbett National Park that you can indulge yourself in at the lodge.

05 Oct 2018


Built for birders and nature lovers, Jungle Lore Birding Lodge in Pangot aims to satiate your passion for birding in the Kumaon. Under the supervision of highly experienced guides who are familiar with the stakeouts, you are likely to find your target species. It goes without saying that the rooms are cozy and equipped with the amenities you’d expect from a world class lodge. The chefs at Jungle Lore are especially renowned for their culinary skills, so don’t forget to learn a Kumaoni delicacy or two while you are at the lodge.

28 Sep 2018


Unspoilt nature centric location, teeming with birdlife, sumptuous Kumani, pleasant mountain weather are some of the reasons that make Jungle Lore Birding Lodge one of a kind

21 Sep 2018

Beauty beyond compare! This cute little Red-billed Leiothrix was spotted hopping around near Jungle Lore Birding Lodge in Pangot.

03 Aug 2018


The gateway of Jungle Lore Birding Lodge will lead you to a long and desirous walk into the dense forest of Pangot

20 July 2018


One of the rarest species i.e. Grey Crowned Prinia can be found in and around Pangot, near Nainital. This is one of the target birds during the North India Birding Tour that we shall conduct for you this winter. Join us – ask us for details.

16 July 2018


Early morning bliss at Pangot!

13 Jun 2018

junglelorebiding lodge

Ever seen two rainbows at one time? This breathtaking view was captured yesterday afternoon in Pangot.

-1 Jun 2018


A beautiful sight of Black Francolin in the vicinity of Jungle Lore Birding Lodge, Pangot  

– 23 May 2018


This morning Black Francolin was seen in the bird’s hideout created by Jungle Lore Birding Lodge.

– 23 May 2018


Khalij pheasant is indeed the show stopper of the recent North India Birding Tour which culminated at Jungle Lore Birding Lodge in Pangot

-16 May 2016


Jungle Lore Birding Lodge

Declining rapidly in other parts of the world but flourishing in the small region of Uttarakhand (Pangot)

09 may 2018



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