Like your pet, the birds of Pangot will be a great stress buster



Venue : Kafal House, Pangot

Date : 15-18 June

If you yearn for a blissful experience of life,

it is time to look inside and do something about it.

Evolution Hatha Yoga Program in Pangot, offers you a transformational experience.
This time we have chosen the quaint town of Pangot, Nainital.

Your experience of life can shift to another dimension. You will be able to perceive things in its true depth. The experience of oneness will change your relationships with yourself and with the surrounding without the unnecessary burden of moral teaching


Hatha Yoga
Nature Walks
Night Walks
Village Visits
Camp Fire Stories
Bird watching

Phone :  Mohit # +91 9811124222 | Rajeev # +91 9971883171



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