You have the choice to opt for Satvik food!

Our body is the result of the food we eat. The journey of food in a man starts from the womb of his mother. Every pregnant mother is advised to eat nutritious and healthy food for the proper development of the child during pregnancy. Hence the genetic composition of a human being starts. Thus when a mother gives birth to a child he weighs just a few kilograms…but as he grows, his diet increases and he becomes an adult. In the entire process of growth, he is eating. We can say our body is a result of food we eat.

When we compare from when we were born and now, just see the difference in your body is it just a heap of food. Suppose we relate this meal to memory, we are creating a structure of a memory. Now the structure is just because of a memory which we call genes. If everything we intake has a memory and if we have to convert it to memory, we need to overwrite it. For example, if we eat a banana, over the afternoon, it transforms into a body, which means the existence of banana is no more when it is digested, so the memory of banana was erased, and there was intelligence in us which overwrote it, our memory.

There are certain products on which it is easy to overwrite the memory as it is easy to digest and certain other on which it is difficult. The plants and animals which are primitive in the evolutionary pyramid have less volume of memory so to digest and convert it to something else is very easy whereas to convert the higher plants and animals is difficult. Especially if it is a mammal and exhibits emotional content like humans.

With the understanding and knowledge of this concept, this culture developed a comprehensive knowledge of food and diet.

According to Indian tradition, the food served the role of not only nourishing of body systems but was also considered primeval for sustaining the basic life force of ‘prana’ which prevents and treats diseases, rejuvenates and strengthens the body. Hence Satvik food is easy to digest and necessary to keep our body healthy.

You can indulge in ‘Satvik’ soulful food at our multiple dining venues. Take your pick from our nutritionally balanced wholesome meals, fresh fruit juices, and smoothies which will help you detox your mind, body, and soul.

It’s the perfect accompaniment for your body as you spend your days nourishing your soul.