Like your pet, the birds of Pangot will be a great stress buster



Ever since 1994

Nature has given us so much to explore, conserve, preserve and protect. Come and join hands to thank Nature and its offerings.

   – Mohit Aggarwal, CEO

The vision must be realized to make India a responsible, nature-centric tourist destination.

 – Iqbal Ahmad, COO

Our Bird Fair offerings
  • Exciting bird watching, wildlife & Himalayan expeditions.
  • Inspiring Experiential tours.
  • Bouquet of travel-related solutions.
Our Erstwhile Clients
  • Chartered a plane for Sheikh Talal of Saudi Arabia to visit India.
  • Chartered a helicopter for the leading industrialists of the U.K. to visit Tiger Reserves.
  • Chartered Palace-on-Wheels for Abbott Diagnostika, Germany.
Our Conservation Drive
  • Electronic fencing at Kaziranga National Park.
  • Working with community village, Chhoti Haldwani near Corbett Park.
  • Supported Titli Trust to protect butterflies and moths.
  • Supported Wildlife Trust of India.
  • Funded an NGO ‘The Bagh Foundation’.
  • Sponsored Oriental Bird Club.
  • Assisting Forest Dept. to set-up Eco-friendly Homestays.

Why us

What makes us stand apart
  • In-house lodges, guides and drivers.
  • 100000+ delighted International clients.
  • 70+ strong team.
  • Efficiency and efficacy in the company systems.
  • Fine-tuned technology.
  • Fine-tuned technology.
Complete Transparency
  • We deliver what we commit.
  • Stringent transparency policy.
  • Maintain Constant Communication.
  • No infringement with the privacy.
  • Our availability- 24/7.
Comfort, Safety and Security
  • Errors corrected efficiently in the minimum time.
  • Prime concerns – Your comfort, safety and security.
  • System driven proactive approach.
Customization Specialist
  • Tailor-made itineraries.
  • Adhere to all requests.

Many alternatives and options to choose from.


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